A Whole30 Breakfast

Whole30 breakfast




I am posting a picture of my breakfast so that I can upload it to the Whole30 forum. The Whole30 is a 30 day nutritional reset program similar to paleo but more restrictive.

Healthy Hausfrau


Easy Skillet Lasagna (with Mushrooms, Onions, and Leeks)


Roasted Asparagus


Roasted Sweet Potatoes

After several years of not being able to wrap my head around being healthy, I’m in a good place now and working on improving my diet. I’m meeting with my therapist every couple of weeks about my progress, I’ve joined a DietBet for motivation, and I’m tracking what I eat on MyFitnessPal.

The best change though has been deciding to make Sundays my food prep days, getting some inspiration from a blog called Green Plate Rule (which sadly does not seem to be very active), and using Sundays for not only grocery shopping, but cooking up a bunch of stuff that M. Hubby and I can eat during the week. One of my big discoveries is how easy it is to roast a bunch of stuff at once in the oven. Just brush chicken breasts, veggies, or what have you with olive oil, stick it on a foil lined tray in a 450 degree oven, go do some stuff for a while, and come back to delicious roasted treats. M. Hubby likes food prepared that way, too, which is good because he can be a picky eater.

So this makes for a long and tiring Sunday of domesticity (I call it being in my Hausfrau mode), but it makes the rest of the week soooooo much easier. When we get home from work in the evening, we can just heat up whatever I made on Sunday. I have started losing some weight, which I needed to do for health reasons (my doctor will be happy), and M. Hubby said he is feeling better from eating this way.

So I just felt like sharing that, and also I’ll include a cute picture of Rooney and Major. Which was notImage posed!

Peeking Out

Rooney undercoversRooney peeking out from under the covers

When I titled this post, I was actually thinking about me being the one who is peeking out, reengaging with my body and maybe my blog. Then I realized I couldn’t post after such a long absence without providing another kitten photo! (Although the “kittens” are now a year old and some change). And this photo of little Rooney peeking out from inside the bedding seemed to fit thematically.

I really took the first part of this year to process some personal stuff, do some nesting in the apartment, write a book chapter, hang out with M. Hubby, and read some great books with my online book club. Maybe not the most exciting or adventurous year, but I guess it was what I needed. January and February were really difficult, and maybe it just took six months for me to have the energy to focus on self-improvement.

So now I am working on “me” a little more – physical me as opposed to just work me, emotional me, and intellectual me. I stopped working out in January, and just started with a new trainer a few weeks ago. I was nervous about going back to the gym, but the new trainer has been taking things slow, is very encouraging, and helped me to remember that I used to like lifting weights.

I’ve also been working on healthy eating. For some reason this year I just had a mental block where I couldn’t make myself focus on eating properly. It was the weirdest thing. I just had zero motivation. But this week I have been able to set my mind to it. I came up with a yummy breakfast of microwaved sweet potatoes that are then cubed and sauteed in a pan with onion and red bell pepper (seasoned with salt, pepper, and some thyme and other spices), with an egg slid in to cook alongside. Yummy.

I have also been a bit MIA on the blog scene since Google Reader went away. I’ve switched to Feedly, but it doesn’t automatically show up on my desktop the way Reader did. And now iGoogle is going away, so I’m going to have to redesign.

I’m not sure exactly what the future of this blog is, but I did want to peek out and say Hi.

Kitties in a Hammock

Major & Rooney hammockKittens are 9 months old now and still best friends.

One of my loyal readers mentioned that they had not seen any kitten pictures lately. I have been a very non-bloggy mood for a variety of reasons. The main reasons are that I have been focusing on some different personal things this year that aren’t really what I would want to blog about, I’m not making as much effort with nutrition and exercise lately (which is bad), and I’ve joined an online book club (which is good). I’m not sure what the future of this blog is but I’ m not going to worry about it.

Kittens are doing great. Major (the stripey one) has turned out to be a mama’s boy and Rooney (the fuzzy white with black one) is a daddy’s boy. Major is super duper snuggly but highly active and gets into everything (the bathroom cabinet, hanging from the window sash, head through the blinds, etc.).  Rooney is less boisterous but has a sweet and funny manner.

I am also spending time on Facebook so if you want to be “friends” and we aren’t already just let me know.

Kittens at Six Months Old

Major & Rooney playingAt six months, the kittens are starting to look more like little cats, particularly Major. His face is getting more cat-like and his body has streeeeeetched out. They love to wrestle and chase and play together.

Rooney buttThis picture absolutely cracks me up. Rooney has such a soft fluffy bottom, and he is so limply splayed out across his brother’s stomach. Note the “paw across the face” move that Major is engaged in.

Major on blanket

Major is so handsome. He looks plump here for some reason, but he is actually long and athletic. He feels very warm and solid when he lies down on top of you. Major has a winning personality, too.

Rooney on drum padRooney is so freaking cute. And his fur feels like a silky cotton ball. He’s like a kitten wrapped in a lamb wrapped in a cotton ball. He’s more independent than Major, but still likes to curl up with us.

A while ago I said I would tell you guys how Devon Rexes are different from other cats. Let me count the ways!

  • Obviously they have curly fur, big ears, and athletic builds.
  • Instead of meowing, they chirp. Sometimes they sound like R2D2.
  • They eat everything. We have to put them in another room while we have dinner. We have seen them drink iced tea, drink a pomegranate spritzer, and eat yogurt, pita chips, and pistachio nuts. (And no, we’re not feeding them these things!)
  • They prefer to burrow under the covers for their naps. Sometimes I feel Major slithering down my leg to find a good spot by my knees.
  • They bounce like Tigger. They can jump starting with all four feet on the floor and land somewhere a distance away with all four feet on the floor.
  • They can pick up pens off the ground between their front paws.

Major and Rooney are such good friends, and spend much of their time playing together or sleeping together. Having the two of them, it is hard for me to imagine someone adopting just one Devon Rex kitten.  Just in the last couple of weeks they have reached a new developmental phase which has made them really energetic and interested in getting into everything (knocking everything off the bedside table, knocking over full glasses with their paws, etc.) On the positive side, I think they are becoming more interactive with us, which is nice.

Worried Sick

This has been a very difficult week and a half. M. Hubby is taking two weeks of leave from work to deal with some stuff. I ended up getting sick, no doubt in part from the stress, and wrote a very whiny post while under the influence of a fever, but last night the fever broke and I feel considerably better. I’m taking the day off from work to recuperate.


M. Hubby’s job burnout triggered some things for him, and we have been dealing with it this past week. If you want more details, please e-mail me.

My January started off with a flurry of organizing and cutting out sugar, and that has all kind of gone by the wayside. I am hoping this weekend to get back to exercising and eating properly and some self-care. And putting away the Christmas decorations.